MASKS meet-ups

Masks Meet-Ups are an opportunity to engage in personal connections with people in your area.  Meet-Ups might be in a local pub, restaurant or at a backyard barbecue.  The only requirements are that they are run through us,  primarily so we can attend and help fund! They must also be open to everyone, publicized and organized in a manner that will promote the discussion of vocations and opportunities for networking, apprenticeships and mentorships.  

Our inaugural Meet-Up occurred on the 4th of March 2017 in Dallas, Texas.  Associates Doug and Kelsi Klembara hosted at a local restaurant and Dan van Voorhis flew out to meet those who were interested in the concept of "everyday work" as meaningful and a means to love and serve.  Some came as friends of 1517, Virtue in the Wasteland, or invited by the Klembara's.  

Interested in hosting a Meet-Up in your area? Contact Dan at