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Amanda Ozaki-Laughon

Amanda Ozaki-Laughon

Amanda is an alumnus of Concordia University Irvine's History and Political Thought program. She has coached Concordia's championship-winning debate team for two years, and enjoys rigorous research and debate. The subjects she is passionate about are: human trafficking, poverty and vulnerability in social welfare, conflict and refugee crises, and speech and debate. 

Joe Laughon

Joe Laughon

Joe is a southern California native with southern, Irish and Mexican roots. He is also a Christian, baptized in the Episcopal Church, worshiping through the Anglican tradition, specifically at the Anglican Church in North America. He was educated in political theory & history at Concordia University, Irvine, a Protestant classical liberal arts school under Dr. van Voorhis. His  specific political interests include but are not limited to immigration, the Near East, security, education, sexuality, and civil liberties, with a healthy dose of economics.

His writings can be found in a number of places on the web: