The League of Faithful Masks

the why behind who we all are


The Manifesto

The League of Faithful Masks seeks to combat the “me” culture by providing an antidote to cultural narcissism. To do this, LFM, or “the Masks”, seek to elevate and celebrate everyday jobs as distinct callings, not for our own gain and glory, but ways by which we serve and love our neighbors. We believe that we serve as “Masks of God” in that God is working in and with us, through the seemingly mundane, to redeem culture.

We, the Masks, believe that God serves us and our neighbors using our hands, time and talents.  God has chosen to use the physical, every day presence of people and creation to feed, clothe, preserve, and educate us. The Masks encourage and facilitate mentorships and apprenticeships across the country through our associates and members in chapters from San Diego to New York




How is this different from a career service or a Christian ministry?

The Masks is compromised of associates, whose speaking and writing cross boundaries from art and culture to serving as parents and volunteers.  They are available for speaking and other engagements through our website. The Masks also has a network of members that serve as representatives and resources in fields that vary from photography to retail work, handcrafted beverages, church workers and organizers in various non-profit organizations.

The Masks do not represent any one theological tradition or political orientation.  Rather we seek to celebrate all manner of people in a variety of contexts across a spectrum of beliefs.  While many of us are in the broad Reformation tradition, we believe that God does not work exclusively with one people to transform society.