Join us in Resisting the Me Culture
by Serving Others


We Exist to Resist

To become a member of the Masks all it takes is your information and a willingness to serve as a representative of the organization by promoting excellence in your calling, civic virtue and a desire to help connect people with similar interests.

You can submit articles for publication, either online or in our forthcoming journal by emailing director Daniel van Voorhis at

You may also like to host a meet up, an open gathering of individuals to network and discuss opportunities for mentorships and the opportunities for exploration into various vocations.  Contact us and we can arrange for publicity and one of our Associates to come out and join the event.

Whether you think your job is too obscure, your voice too small or your talents insufficient we believe you can contribute in a variety of ways.  Contact us and we can discuss how you might help us in ways, big or small, to continue the work of God as masks in the world.  No one is disqualified from serving with us based on their credentials, level of training, or ability to write or speak.  We can help you discover the ways in which you have an ability to serve.


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